Joanne Beaule Ruggles


In 2004, Joanne Beaule Ruggles was honored by California Polytechnic State University by being named one of two faculty members at the University to receive its annual Distinguished Research Award for her creative work, as evidenced by her Stone of Hope painting series examining the effect of terror upon the human psyche.

After the attacks upon our country in 9/11, as well as her subsequent cancer diagnosis, the art process this artist had built into her professional life provided tangible means to explore these parallel life-changing events. Ruggles intuited that creative time spent in this terrain could provide wisdom. But what specifically would be learned by comparing and contrasting the personal and the political? She says now - virtually everything! While small in their individual scale, the resulting series of almost thirty paintings packed an emotional wallop powerful enough to educate their creator, resonate with the lives of her viewers, and elicit praise from art critics and fellow scholars. Most important - it allowed the maker to find her way to reconnect with hope.

Like her artistic mentor - the German figure artist and teacher Kathe Kollwitz, Ruggles feels a strong pull to employ her artistic skill for advocacy rather than for purely decorative purpose. In this mindset, Ruggles began a ecological series in 2010 while in residence at the Atlantic Center for Arts and again as she returned there in 2011. This body of artworks investigates the artists thoughts about our relationship with and responsibility to the planet. The body of work entitled Hanging by a Thread: Mother Earth in Peril is composed of numerous mural sized multi-figured art pieces on loose canvas and the preparatory drawing and painting studies that gave birth to them.




A Passionate Life Revealed in Art

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